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When the original Columbia Yachts closed their doors in 1979 a lot of the engineering drawings, brochures, and manuals were saved by the last employee and stored over the years. They are now in the hands of Justin Thompson of Sailinfo. He has recently set up a website where he lists much of the Columbia literature he has available. He also has literature for many other brands, too. This is a work in progress, so if you don't see what you want, drop him an email. Remember, Justin does this on the side and he is a one man operation, so sometimes he's a little late responding.


Columbia 23 Kick-Up Rudder 

The most advanced rudder of its kind! The Unifoil Kick-up Rudder offers tremendous advantages in handling and performance. Your sailboat will now have a tame helm, you will look forward to sailing upwind with reduced helm effort and better pointing. The all-stainless electropolished rudder head is immensely strong and torsionally rigid, with perfect balance and feedback for the helmsman. The Unifoil kick-up rudder also features the "one-line" uphaul/downhaul system, which will raise or lower the rudder with one pull. 

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Columbia 23 Laminated Tiller

World-class laminated tiller for your Columbia. Our tillers are built in-house from top quality wood selected for its strength and beauty. Eight strips of laminated African mahogany and white ash are glued in our proprietary molds to produce tillers for specific boat models. The butt end dimensions are 2"H X 1 1/2"W with a 4" rise 44" overall length. (A style E tiller - straight tiller has also been used with the Columbia 23 with the same dimensions, but 47" overall length.) Double check your butt end dimensions as these tend to vary by boat. 

This cockpit centerpiece comes ready-to-varnish with marine penetrating oil or choose the varnish option below to have four coats of UV resistant, spar varnish applied to your new tiller. Since you spend so much time with the tiller in your hand, why not get the best? A three year warranty is extended to the original owner of this new tiller. 

List Price $150.00 email for member pricing


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Check the Port Supply website for any parts for your Columbia sailboat and email us at for special pricing. Remember Members receive the biggest discount.

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