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Have you ever needed that extra space to work on your boat.? Has your family wonder why they can not get in the driveway? Do you wish we had a Marina here in Idaho where you could work on your boat, where you could order all of the parts you need but can't get locally, where someone would loan you a tool? Well here we are Idaho Sail Marine.
We have space for up to eight boats depending on size.
We have a fully equipped shop with tools for use by our members.
Our Co-Op members can join the Marina for $125.00 per year  which will get them first opportunities to lease yard space for their boats, uses of the shop and loaner tools, and the largest discount on marine parts and accessories. Yard space starts at $1.00 per foot per day including electricity and water. Call for long term rates.
Check out our online store NOW OPEN with most anything you will need for your boats. We also have access to Precision Rudders parts along with specialists  who can perform wiring, plumbing and sewing.


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