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5 Liter Per Minute / 1.3 Gallons Per Minute



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No electrical connection required.

  • Compact design saves: space and allows for easy installation just about anywhere.
  • The tankless heater can heat an unlimited volume of water as needed.
  • Hot water is available in just a few seconds.
  • Activates by water flow from the moment the faucet is opened.
  • 5 years warranty.


These units can last a lifetime, keeping up to 87% efficiency level. Rustproof, no water loss due to leaks.


The tankless heater saves water and up to 60% in the water heating bill than conventional tank water. Only heat water when you use it.


 The 5 liter tankless water heater is our most popular and works with most tiny houses. We do however also offer the 10 liter unit and now we are proud to offer the big new 16 liter unit perfect for remote cabins and Pacific Northwest Island homes.

10 Liters Per Minute / 2.7 Gallons Per Minute


NEW to Idaho Sail Marine & Perfectly Small Homes

Good For Cabins With Multiple Bathrooms


Gas 16L LPG




Power Pak Plus 110V

$194.99 SALE $189.99

Quick Overview:

Four-temperature level adjustment and water control

  • Saves water, electricity and space significantly.
  • Easy management and simple adjustments.
  • Requires very low water pressure to activate.
  • Power Pak 110V: this product is designer for areas with high incoming water temperature. Due to the heating power being reduced to conserve energy, it is recommended for the Caribbean region or southern states of the US, to provide the necessary amount of heat for your shower.
  • 5-year warranty.


- Unique design with four-temperature level adjustment and water flow control, that adapts to the house circuit breaker, for 10Amp, 20Amp, 30Amp or 40Amp.
- Allows customer to regulate energy consumption, adapting the product to the home’s electric capacity.
- Has a filter on the water inlet that avoids sediments to damage the unit.



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Summer Special

3" Vent Kit 

4" Vent Kit

Eccotemo 5L Potable


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