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pack of two 120 watt solar panels total of 240 watts



Starting at $450.00

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Our Japanese/American supplier of  photovoltaic modules are designed for commercial and domestic applications and suitable for both grid-tied and off grid systems. They offer both high performance and reliability. 

The silicon solar cells, held by heavy duty anodized aluminum frames, are laminated with TPT & EVA for longer working life and high efficiency output. An ideal power supply for boats, RVs, tiny homes, camping and caravans. 


Each panel:

Number of Cells: 36 cells in a series (4 x 9)
Max Power: 1
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.0V
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 7.50A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 17.0V
Maximum Power Current (Imp): 7.0
Weight: 25 pounds
Dimensions (inches): 5
2 x 26 x 1.33
Includes 2 MC4 Y-Connectors, Junction Box and MC4 Connectors

Back of panel includes a junction Box with MC4 Connector.

Warranty: For panels that range from 80w to 200w, an output power of more than 90% of the minimum peak power within 10 years and more than 80% in 20 years is guaranteed.









100 Watt Flex Solar Panel $289.00

Outstanding efficiency (approximately 20%) using SunPower flexible solar cells

Solar panel can be bent to mount to curved surfaces

Extremely light weight. Solar panel weighs only 4 pounds 

Can be mounted using the six pre-drilled holes or the solar panel can be mounted by user supplied adhesive or Velcro

5 year material and workmanship warranty. 25 year power warranty.

Capable of withstanding 1 inch diameter hail traveling at terminal velocity

Panel arrives ready for connection with an extra pair of MC4 Connectors for the extension cable (see images)


Max System Voltage 600VDC
Maximum Power 100 Watts
Voltage at Maximum Power Point 17.8 V
Current at Maximum Power Point 5.62 A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6 V
Short Circuit Current 5.97 A
Max Series Fuse Rating 10 A


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